The Top 7 Countries We Recommend For Americans Looking To Live Abroad.

Let's face it.  When it comes to which countries are the best for restarting a life outside of the U.S., there are a lot of opinions out there.  At issue is, what are the most important factors to consider when choosing a country? Different things are important to different people.  What is ideal to one individual, can often be quite the opposite to someone else.  So how do you choose?  Understanding that there is no perfect method by which to choose and rank countries, we decided upon a method that makes the most sense to us.  In determining the countries on our list, we took a hard look at what issues we feel are the most significant.  Below is the list of factors that we feel are most the important to any American that is considering moving to another country:

  • 1.  Safety.
    The importance of safety cannot be overstated.  It is our opinion that any country you are pondering moving to must be widely regarded as safer than the U.S.  The concept of safety is a complex one.  It can vary dramatically depending on where you live.  Some countries that rank quite low on safety indexes boast interior regions that are as safe as anywhere in the world.  Consequently, there isn't an international safety index that can provide a true metric of safety for any country.  Regardless, while safety indexes are flawed and may not represent the full story, we still believe safety is too important to not be considered first.

  • 2.  Political stability.
    Tough to gauge, tough to predict, but very important.  As political stability often goes hand-in-hand with safety, political stability ranks high on our list.  Some countries are currently hot-beds of political instability.  They got dinged on our list.

  • 3.  Ease in gaining residency.
    Our list would likely be different if we did not consider this.  There are a lot of great countries where it is next to impossible to gain residency status.  It is never "easy" to acquire a new residency status.  We used the metric of "plausible" to guide our selections.

  • 4.  Affordability.

  • 5.  Ease of "fitting in".
    You may be leaving the U.S.  but that does not mean you wish to restart your life in a completely unfamiliar environment.  Countries with a large English-speaking community received a bump on our list.

  • 6.  Climate.
    Actually, we did not put much emphasis on climate.  Unless the country's climate is next to unbearable, we generally ignored this.

Without further ado, our list.  (Note that because our list is focused only on Americans desiring to live internationally, our top choices are not the same as what you may see elsewhere.)

7.  Spain
High points:  Relatively safe.
Not so great:  No significant downside.
6.  Panama
High points:  Ease of fitting in.
Not so great:  Safety.  (Not bad, but could be better)
5.  The United Kingdom
High points:  Politically stable, Ease of fitting in.
Not so great:  Affordability, Gaining residency.  (Acquiring residency may be more difficult than other countries on our list.)
4.  Costa Rica
High points:  Ease of fitting in, Affordable.
Not so great:  Safety.  (Not bad, but could be better)
3.  Ireland
High points:  Safety, Ease of fitting in.
Not so great:  Nothing really.
2.  Portugal
High points:  Safety, Political stability, Affordable.
Not so great:  Nothing really.
1.  Canada
High points:  Safety, Political stability, Ease of fitting in.
Not so great:  Affordability.


There are several other countries that could have easily made our list.  So if your favorite country is not listed here, please don't take it to be a slight!

If you are a U.S. citizen looking to make a change in your residency status, please get in touch.  Augmenting residency status for U.S. citizens is what we do.  Ready to finally make your international residency dreams happen?  Schedule a strategy appointment with us now.