What The LUSA Residency Program Provides.

Before joining up:

Define your goal.

The first thing we do is find out about your goals.  What type of resident visa do you desire?  Are you looking for dual citizenship?  A temporary work visa?  A digital nomad remote work visa?  Permanent citizenship?  There are a host of options.

Strategize a solution.

Our team gathers the most recent information on residency requirements for the country you are considering.  As resident requirements can change often, and without notice, we reconfirm all residency requirements for each client before moving forward.  Armed with the most recent residency information, we devise a strategy that will get you the residency status you are looking for.  We then explain in detail what will be required from you in order to acquire your desired status.  If you are ready to get started, you would then pay our residency program fee to join.

After joining:

Timing and organization.

All facets of a visa application are interconnected.  Several aspects need to be perfectly timed.  Often, it's not just if a certain aspect is accomplished, but when.  We will help you navigate precarious timing issues.


First things first: Passports.

If you do not have passports for you or your family, and are unfamiliar with the process, we will guide you on how to obtain one.

Assistance with your residency request letter.

Often a country will require a letter that explains the reason as to why you are requesting residency.  We can assist you with writing a quality letter.

Guidance with background checks and more.

Most countries require a specific background check, and or fingerprints taken for each adult.  Many countries require the background check to be apostilled by the U.S. state department.  We will help you understand what you need and how you should go about getting it.

Guidance on acquiring a national ID.

You are going to need a national ID issued by your new country.  There is a process.  We will guide you through it.

Health certificates, travel insurance and more.

Travel and medical insurance usually has to be purchased before a visa can be issued.  We can assist you in finding reputable insurance carriers.

Acquiring a bank account in target country.

Opening a bank account in a foreign country can be risky, as there are quite a few fraudulent entities that prey on foreigners.  We can assist you in finding a reputable bank, and help with the submission of proper paperwork.

Assistance with snags and other frustrations.

It would be nice if the residency process always ran smoothly.  It rarely does.  LUSA not only provides assistance and direction, we can apply the continued gentle pressure needed to keep the ball rolling within the various bureaucracies involved - something you likely lack the time or inclination to do.

Appointment with the regional consulate office of desired country.

We can help you with scheduling and preparing for this important visit.

Guidance on renting or purchasing a residence in your target country.

You may assume rental and ownership of property is the same as it is in the U.S.  In most cases it is not.  Each country usually has their own set of unique rules.  We are happy to share the valuable advice we have gleaned from communicating with American expats.

Guidance on moving property affordably.

We will share with you the best options we have discovered for moving your property, as well as recommendations on where to store it.

Appointments with the appropriate official offices within your new country.

We help you with scheduling appointments for registration and identification requirements within your new country.

Finalize your goal.

It may take years for your new country to grant the full citizenship or residency you desire.  There will be several requirements along the way.  We continue to monitor, guide, and are available to assist, every step of the way.

We are the only company that provides direct, personal assistance from start to finish.
An entire team working to achieve your residency goals.

To acquire a new residency, you must effectively coordinate and complete an array of perplexing and often confusing tasks.  It is neither simple or easy.  Consequently, most people give up before they even start, finding the idea of acquiring new residency and moving to a new country to be just too overwhelming.

We get it.  LUSA is here to help you take residency challenges head-on.  We provide the knowledge, tools, coordination and help, to cut through the confusion and get you to the finish line.  We routinely speak with our clients directly by phone to guide and assist every step of the way.

In Addition, all our clients have access to our Action Panel.  The panel provides updating information showing exactly what has been accomplished and what needs to be accomplished to reach your residency goals.  Clients can easily keep on top of the important dates and deadlines that they should be concerned about.

Keeping you on top of the myriad of important and time sensitive aspects of your residency goal, is one of the most important things we do!  It is how we are able to get such a tedious and confusing task as a new residency or citizenship effectively completed.  We can get you on track and keep you on track until you reach your residency goals.

Direct, Personal Assistance From Start To Finish.
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