Want To Move Out Of The United States?  5 Things To Consider.

For many Americans, the thought of leaving the U.S.A. has crossed their minds on more than one occasion.  There are a number of good reasons why a U.S. citizen would decide to relocate permanently abroad.  Besides, simply wanting to leave the U.S.A. reasons include new work opportunities, the chance to study or start a business abroad, the desire to live more cheaply, or to retire in a more beautiful location.


Decide where you would like to live.

This is obviously the first thing to consider.  However, it is not as simple as it seems.  There are several important factors to consider before making your choice.  Legal requirements, safety, affordability, language, and government, are just a few of many crucial issues of consideration.

Make a list of everything that is important to you, and then check the list twice.  Once you have done your research, pare down the list to a few top choices.  If possible, take an excursion to your top locations to get a hands-on feel of your potential new country.


Make a financial plan.

Once you know what country you would like to move to, lay out a financial plan for managing all the cost involved to get you there.  Make an estimate of how much you will need to pay for all manner of things.  This list should include all costs involved with acquiring new residency, travel and living expenses, as well as a reasonable amount earmarked for unanticipated costs.


Know how you will support yourself in your new country - before moving there.

You must know how you will support yourself and your family in your new country.  You will either need to have a solid source of passive income, remote work income, or a job lined up in your new country.  Do not make the mistake of thinking you will be able to find work once you reach your new country.  The fact of the matter is, you will not be accepted for residency in any country unless, before you arrive, you can prove you will have sufficient income to support you and your family.


Consider which belongings you want to take with you.

Once people take stock of things, they are usually surprised by the amount of stuff they own.  Besides furniture, you likely have a surprising amount of clothing and knickknacks.  And have you recently looked at all that stuff you have in your garage or attic?  It is simply impractical to ship everything you own to your new country.  You will have to take a hard look at what you actually need verses what you can do without.  While it is often difficult to part with belongings you have come attached to, most expats express that after they made the jump to their new country, they quickly realized they brought way more belongings than were actually needed or useful.  Our advice would be to travel light.  Make room in your budget to purchase new belongings in your new country.  Make plans to sell or donate belongings that don’t make your “must have” list.


Consider your future life from the long view.

Seeing how you want to live in the short term is easy to do.  But what about the long term?  How do you want your life to look like ten or fifteen years from now?  Deciding to live your life in a new country is a major, life altering decision.  You must fully consider the potential consequences of your decision – both good and bad.  You must also be aware that this decision will also affect the lives of your immediate family.  If you have young children, you will not only need to consider where they will attend school in their new country, you should also consider what their college choices will be in the future.  Also, you should consider the long term affects your move will have on your relationships with those who remain in the states.   Ask yourself if you are ok with how these relationships may be altered in the long term.