Ready To Leave The U.S.? The 7 Things To Consider.

Thinking it may be time to get out of America?  You are not alone.  Rather than discuss the myriad of reasons for feeling it may be time to go, we will focus instead on accomplishing the objective:  How can you do it?  What's steps should you take?  What are the possible pit falls?  What are key things you must know?

If you are serious about leaving the U.S., what you need is a plan.  Following, is a basic guide to what such a plan should look like.

Consider where you would like to live outside of the U.S.

You established that you would like to leave the U.S. , but you don't just want to go anywhere.  Whatever the reason is as to why you are considering leaving, there are plenty of countries out there that have it much worse.  You are going to have to do your homework.  You do not want to, as they say, "jump out of the pan and into the fire".  Create a list of top countries you would consider, and then pare down the list to perhaps 3 to 5 of your very top choices.  Research everything about your top choices.  Some things to take a hard look at are:

  • 1.  Safety.
    How safe is this country compared to the U.S.?

  • 2.  Political climate.
    Is this country stable, or are there forces brewing that could lead to instability.

  • 3.  Affordability
    What's the point if you can't afford to live there?  Thoroughly review your finances and long-term sustainable income, and then compare it to the cost of living within the desired country.  Give yourself plenty of room for the unexpected.

  • 4.  Finances.
    We touched on this within the previous point, but this is so important it needs to be mentioned again.  Know exactly how much money you are able to generate for the long term.  This could be retirement funds, or some other type of passive income.  Perhaps you are able to work and earn income remotely.  Have an exact understanding of this issue.

  • 5.  Adaptability. (Can you fit in?)
    We are only human.  Sometimes it is hard to adjust to a completely different environment and culture.  You will naturally want some things to feel "just like home".  Do not underestimate this element of your move.  If your future country is "too" foreign, you could find yourself feeling hopelessly homesick, really quick.

  • 6.  Residency requirements.
    What is the likelihood that you can acquire long-term residency in your desired country?  Thoroughly research the rules and regulations concerning long term residency.  Make every effort to determine your desired country's most recent policies and behavior involving immigrants.  Discover if the native population is increasing or decreasing.  If a native population is decreasing, it is a good sign that the country will be welcoming to new immigrants.

  • 7.  "Ace in the hole" when it comes to residency acceptance.
    Do you have relatives or even better yet, a parent that is from the desired country?  Do you have a particular set of work skills that is highly sought after?  Is there a chance you could start a business in your new country, or could make a substantial investment in a business or in property?  These are all attractive reasons for a country to desire you as a resident.

There is a lot more you will need to do, but the above items will give you a valuable starting point in reaching your goal of leaving the U.S.