Thousands of businesses in other
nations are looking to hire:

Companies in other countries are keen on hiring Americans workers.  There are two reasons for this:

Reason number 1:  Americans are some of the hardest, most dedicated workers on the planet.
Internationally, we are known for coming in early, rolling up our sleeves, working hard, and staying late.  We are committed, motivated, "workaholics".  What foreign company would not see the benefit of having that type of employee on their team?

Reason number 2:  American employees are great at attracting American clients.
Because of America's comparative wealth, it is a valuable target market for any international business.

In addition, there are more Americans living and traveling abroad than any other nationality.  Americans tend to have an awful lot of money to spend, making them the exact client that businesses are looking for.

So how do savvy companies abroad connect with American clients?  By having an American on the team!

Let businesses abroad know that you are ready and available to work.

The surest way to acquire residency abroad is by having a company abroad who wants to hire you.

LUSA aggressively promotes the American worker to all manner of businesses abroad.  Your online resume will be available and reviewable by businesses abroad looking to hire.  Your resume is presented in the native language of the countries you are interested in.  Get your resume online with LUSA and dramatically expand your possibilites.